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OHS Club Sells Bracelets to Help Children

By Mia Currie Oak Hall School’s Child Advocacy Center (CAC) club recently restarted after three years of inactivity thanks to current club president, Oak Hall sophomore, Tori Kitchens. The purpose of the club is to support the Gainesville CAC to help children in abusive/neglectful home situations through volunteer work. The club is currently selling Pura Vida bracelets for $5 to

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OHS Rises to the Challenge of Distance Learning

By Aiden Wacksman COVID-19 has presented schools across the world with numerous challenges. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, educational institutions are utilizing flexible learning options for students. At Oak Hall School, some students are choosing to attend class on campus, while others decide to learn online. Those who are pursuing academics from home feel as though they are physically in

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Science Labs Adjust to COVID Restrictions

By Kaylee Rowe Science labs have always been an integral part of the learning process for students. These hands-on in school projects help students achieve a better understanding of why a certain science theory works. With the new COVID-19 guidelines, labs can be difficult to perform. The Upper and Middle School science department is working on tackling this issue head

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Senior Investiture Tradition Continues Despite Pandemic

By Grace Bernstein Seniors at Oak Hall School start the year off with SAT’s, completing college applications, and other special events. One of those events is the Senior Investiture, a mimic of graduation, where the seniors officially receive their special privileges and responsibilities. Privileges include being able to sign out to go off campus for lunch, becoming an example for

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Sept. 18 Now Full Day Off For Students

Originally scheduled as a half-day, Friday now gives teachers planning time By Courtney Bolton It was previously announced in an email from Corinna French, Oak Hall’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, that the half day for students on Sept. 18 has been officially changed to a full day off for students. Oak Hall’s Head of School, Dr. James Hutchins, stated that this was to

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Faculty Spotlight: Zachary Mair

By Elle Storoe The 2020-21 school year has brought a lot of new faces to the Oak Hall faculty. One of the new faces is Zachary Mair, a Middle and Upper School Latin teacher. From a youthful age, Mair knew he wanted to be a teacher. Ever since he tutored his peers in high school, Mair and his reputation for being known

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