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Holiday Travel Plans Altered Due to Pandemic

By Emily Malloy As coronavirus cases continue to increase with Thanksgiving and various other holidays on the horizon, the new risks through traveling and doing what used to be considered “normal” is challenging to not only people, but to the travel industries during what is normally some of its most profitable few months. An article written by Elaine Glusac for The

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Thankful to Teachers for Thanksgiving Recipes

By Aiden Wacksman Every Thanksgiving holiday, families across the United States celebrate by making delicious foods for their loved ones. A couple of teachers at Oak Hall have volunteered to share their Thanksgiving entree and dessert recipes. Lower School teacher Kylie Holland’s Maryland Crab Cake recipe: Ingredients: 2 pounds of lump crab meat1 cup of mayonnaise1 eggPinch of paprika2 dashes

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Thankful Eagles

By Mac Fogler This week is Thanksgiving Break, a time when Oak Hall students, faculty, and staff relax and spend time with their families. Most importantly, this week we recognize all the things we are thankful for. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday because, while families have their own traditions, we all celebrate and recognize the amazing people, food, and things

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