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The Hall Hub

This week’s topic: Traveling in the time of a pandemic A couple of weeks ago, our lovely reporter Kaylee traveled with her family to Utah for a much-needed family getaway. On this episode of “The Hall Hub”, she details her experience with flying during Covid and the safety precautions at her resort. Jennifer and Kaylee also discuss the priority of

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Column: Life on Earth

This week’s topic: Masks By Mia Currie When COVID-19 cases first began to rise in the United States, many individuals turned to buying disposable masks as a way to slow the spread of the virus. As estimated by the United Nations trade body, the global sales for mask production have exponentially increased $166 billion dollars in the past year. And

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Holiday Travel Plans Altered Due to Pandemic

By Emily Malloy As coronavirus cases continue to increase with Thanksgiving and various other holidays on the horizon, the new risks through traveling and doing what used to be considered “normal” is challenging to not only people, but to the travel industries during what is normally some of its most profitable few months. An article written by Elaine Glusac for The

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Editorial: Senior Year Amid Pandemic

By Sarah Rosenberg When schools shut down last spring, no one could have anticipated the ramifications that the virus would have on the class of 2021. The now-graduated class of 2020 scolded the class of 2021 for being sad that they were missing their junior prom and all the privileges of being a rising senior because they would have “all

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