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The History of Mardi Gras

By Madison Gaston When we think if Mardi Gras, we think of music, parades, foods, floats, and colorful beads; but, have you ever actually wondered what the unique holiday is about? The original tradition of Mardi Gras has lasted for thousands of years to celebrate spring and fertility in Roman festivals of Saturnalia and Lupercalia. Once Christianity populated Rome, the

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Why Teenagers Randomly Dance in Target

By Amanda Malnik A teenager in Target is casually walking the aisles and then suddenly breaks out into a dance that mostly consists of various arm movements and maybe some odd facial expressions. Does this sound familiar? Maybe this same scene happened to you in Publix or really any place a teenager might be. If you were genuinely confused, you

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Student Spotlight: Sarah Rosenberg

OHS junior’s experience on the Senate floor – Part 2 By Shailey Klein To read the first part of the series, click here! While junior Sarah Rosenberg was working in the Senate, she not only served as Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s page, but also as a page for all of the Republican senators. “There are Democrat pages and Republican pages

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Spring Break Brings Relaxation and Travels

By Madison Gaston Mark your calendars for March 21 to 29 because Spring Break is just around the corner! After two and a half months of hard work this semester, Oak Hall Eagles definitely deserve a break. Spring Break is perfect for students to spend time with family and friends, but many of our students are involved in time-consuming extracurriculars

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A CliffsNotes Version of Leap Year

By Grace Bernstein Today is February 29, 2020 (well, when this article was posted it was February 29, 2020). Normally, February only has 28 days, but every four years our calendar has what is commonly known as a “Leap Year”. In reality, a leap year only adds one extra day in February to keep the Gregorian calendar in line with

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Faculty Spotlight: Judi Hubert

By Grace Bernstein For the past 50 years, the Oak Hall community has been fortunate in the acquisition of many passionate and influential teachers. Kindergarten teacher Judi Hubert’s devotion to the school and her students, has made Oak Hall shine brighter throughout her tenure.  Although Oak Hall’s founding teachers have retired, a few faculty members have been teaching at Oak

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