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Movie Review: Parasite

Spoiler Alert: This review contains spoilers from this film By Sofia Santelices Parasite is considered a thriller masterpiece from 2019. Since it was just released on Hulu on April 8 (currently the only platform streaming the movie), subscribers can now watch the Oscar-winning film. I have an immense soft spot for genres that are designed to keep the audience on the edge

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Music Review: Pearl Jam is Back

I never thought they left… By Cristina AlvarezThe Talon Advisor From the group that brought you hits like “Jeremy”, “Evenflow”, and “Better Man” comes the highly anticipated 11th album, Gigaton. Now, I know a majority of the younger readers of The Talon are asking, “Ms. Alvarez, who is Pearl Jam?”. Well, Pearl Jam is the greatest rock and roll band to come out

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Shows About Mental Health: Helpful? Or Harmful?

By Cate Cannon In the past few years, mental health shows have gained popularity and been engendered at a rapid speed. The question of debate is whether the shows are helpful or harmful. While it brings awareness to various illnesses, the shows are also extremely graphic, which can trigger activation of different mental reactions.  In 2017, Selena Gomez and Mandy

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Student Spotlight: Sarah Rosenberg

OHS junior’s experience on the Senate floor – Part 3 To access part one of this three-part series, click here!To access part two of this three-part series, click here! By Shailey Klein Daily life working in the Capitol is drastically different than Oak Hall on a day-to-day basis. Rosenberg knew returning back to eight hour school days with seven classes

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