Just Because: Petit Uppercrust

By Elizabeth Birkner

Originally located in Millhopper, Uppercrust Bakery opened a new store in Haile Plantation earlier this year named Petit Uppercrust. Open from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily, the store sells several delicious pastries, cookies, and baked goods. French pastries are particularly notable for its extra flaky, layered texture due to the use of butter. Petit Uppercrust opened in February 2022 and has grown to have an impressive reputation around town. The food never fails to disappoint, and Uppercrust is an amazing addition to the Haile community.

My all-time favorite food from Petit Uppercrust is the veggie quiche. Quiche is an egg-based dish that is cooked in a pastry like a pie or tart. Uppercrust’s quiche is amazing because it tastes very fresh and is perfectly baked. I am a vegetarian, so I appreciate any good vegetarian meal, and this quiche is unquestionably one of my favorites.

A few of the choices at Petit Uppercrust and Uppercrust Bakery

Both Uppercrust bakeries produce many flavorful and seasonal cookies. From tulip flowers to hearts and butterflies, these festive cookies are a wonderful treat. The vibrantly colored icing makes the cookies look like little art masterpieces. My favorite Uppercrust cookie is the blue tulip, because the blue and purple icing has a marbleized look making it especially aesthetic. These cookies are always a great option at the bakery. It will be exciting to see what cookies Uppercrust will bring to the table this upcoming fall.

Another notable dessert at Petit Uppercrust is the guava pastry. I enjoy this treat because the guava flavoring has such a tropical flavor very true to the actual fruit. The guava pastry is perfectly crispy and delicious, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys tropical treats. Uppercrust’s pastries are also massive, so it is fun to share them with your friends.

Petit Uppercrust is an incredibly special confectionary shop. The food is incredible, as well as the location. It has been a wonderful addition in the Haile Market Square, a hub for retail and restaurants. Uppercrusts’s convenient location provides a lovely place for local community members to gather, visit, and enjoy delectable food. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a café atmosphere to gather with good friends for good food.