Senior Spotlight: Sydney Miller

By Tori Kitchens

Senior Sydney Miller has pursued several passions during her time at Oak Hall School (OHS). As a lifer (a student that has consecutively attended OHS since kindergarten), Miller has immersed herself in activities such as cross country, track and field, basketball, Student Government Association (SGA), the Arts Conservatory Program (ACP), and many more. 

Miller has been a member of the cross country team since sixth grade. She started as a JV/middle school runner and was advanced to the varsity team the next year. Succeeding those who came before her, Miller quickly became the cross country teams number one runner this year. “For me personally, I looked up to girls like Grace Blair (Class of 2018). And Lauren [Jones] (Class of 2022) was an amazing runner, too,” she complimented. This season, Miller has achieved a 5k time of 19:07. 

As she improved her times throughout her sixth-grade season, Miller naturally gravitated toward the track team. Although she does not specialize in a specific event, she has had profuse success. Miller was the state runner-up in the 800m in 2022. The runner stated that the state meet at the University of Florida last year was one of her favorite memories due to the great turnout Oak Hall drew. 

Wanting to play a sport in the winter season during middle school, Miller joined the middle school basketball team. “I feel like, back then, middle school girls’ basketball was the thing to do,” she explained. Going into her final season as a basketball player, she is really excited for the team aspect of the sport.

Following the lead of her older sister Sophie (Class of 2021), she joined the band program when she started middle school. “I’ve been playing piano since I was little, so I’ve obviously had music in my life,” she noted. Miller audition for and was accepted into ACP going into her freshman year. She credits music teacher Jason Stahl for her musical journey thus far, as he invited her to join jazz band in middle school. 

Miller has been a leader in many activities she has participated in during her time at OHS. She served as Vice President of the middle school student council in eighth grade. At the Upper School, she became heavily involved in SGA, serving as treasurer, secretary, and now president. As SGA President this year, Miller is looking ahead to Homecoming planning for this October. “We’re trying to be more involved this year, make it more exciting and spirited,” she said.

Going into this next chapter of her life, Miller is hoping to attend the University of Florida. As she has many interests, she has many options of career paths. She is leaning more toward biology and business but wants to find a way to incorporate Christian studies and music. 

A to Z with Sydney

A – Advice you’d give your freshman-self? To not care what other people think.
B – Best pre-race meal? Pizza.
C– Coach’s best words of advice? Relax my shoulders.
D – Favorite dessert? Ice cream.
E – Most entertaining class? Probably band.
F – Favorite high school moment? Probably like volleyball games and football games. Probably that.
G – Goals for your senior year? Make sure that I get through it and have a good time and get into college.
H – Hoping to attend what college? University of Florida.
I – Interesting thing you do outside of arts and athletics? I love puzzles!
J – Favorite joke? I don’t say a lot of jokes, but my laugh makes other people laugh, so I guess that’s my joke.
K – Key to maintaining homework? Just making sure I stay on schedule with everything and not get distracted.
L – Least favorite music style to play? Probably hard rock.
M – Music you listen to? It’s more like contemporary jazz music.
N – Netflix or Hulu? Netflix.
O – What other sport would you like to try? Lacrosse.
P – Preparations for a big meet or performance? Just making sure I get sleep and eat right and everything.
Q – Question you’d ask your future self? What is my current occupation?
R – Most relaxing part of your day? Probably just being in bed and going to sleep.
S – What would your senior superlative be? Probably…probably most stressed, I guess.
T – Favorite TV show? The Crown.
U – Most underrated music genre? I think jazz.
V – Favorite vacation spot? I’m actually going to say the lake.
W – What does it mean to you to be an Eagle? Being able to be involved in so many different things and have a good time doing them.
X – How many x-rays have you had? Probably, maybe three or four, maybe.
Y – What do you want your impact to younger students, athletes, and musicians be? I want people to know that you need to do what you love and not what other people say you need to do or what your friends are doing. Do what you love and be the person who you want to be.
Z – What is your zodiac sign? Capricorn.