Q & A with Bec & J

By Rebecca Lillie and Julia McMahon

Welcome back to “Q & A with Bec & J” where we ask Oak Hall students, faculty, and staff a random question every week! Our question this week is: “What makes you the happiest?” 

This week’s question was suggested by Upper School English teacher Andy Westfall. Westfall said that there is far too much negativity going on right now and everyone needed a reminder of the things that make them happy! 

Despite the state of the world, our Eagles have plenty to be happy about. This was our first week traveling down to the Oak Hall’s Lower School. Ms. Sexton’s third graders were ecstatic to speak about the things that make them happy. Most Lower School students spoke about family and friends When Kennedy M. was asked about what makes her the happiest, she responded with “Usually when my papa picks me up and we go out for ice cream.” Fellow third grader Curtis H. was quick to tell us that spending time with family makes him the happiest. It is no surprise that these little Eagles love to have fun! Ella M. said that she is happy when she plays with her friends Not only are these eagles having fun outside the classroom but also inside the classroom. Kate M. was the most enthusiastic about her answer, “Thinking about how happy animals are in their habitats!” Though, it seems like she was not the only animal lover in the classroom as Jackson H. said that he is the happiest when he is playing with his cat. 

Many of the older Eagles gave some heartwarming answers to this week’s question. Senior Reece Olinger and freshman Madison Ocariz gave answers similar to some of our Lower School students. After being asked, Olinger replied sweetly and said that spending quality time with her family and friends makes her the happiest. Ocariz is happiest when she is playing sports and hanging out with friends. Upper School math teacher Christine Gutierrez is the very definition of a great teacher when she said she is happiest when she is helping others. 

Though several answers from our Upper School students were practical, many students’ answers made us laugh. Sophomore Harrison Beach said he was the happiest when he beat classmate Quinten Dragstedt in fantasy football! It seems like these Eagles are quite competitive! Sophomore Lucas Katz is another competitive Eagle. Katz is the captain of the boys’ golf team and obviously had to give a shoutout to them! “What makes me happy is seeing my golf team do well in tournaments and seeing the improvement of everyone on the golf team,” stated Katz (Go Eagles!). Senior Kaylin Hogan gave a big compliment to Upper School math teacher Paul McInerney. “Mr. Mac’s colorful shoes,” Hogan answered. I guess you could say that Mr. McInerney’s shoes really do brighten up her day! Senior Savi Gilson and freshman Blaike Ducharme gave corresponding answers. Ducharme answered with “Savi the senior” while Gilson answered with “Blaike Ducharme the freshman.” 

This week’s question made a lot of students think and a lot of students laugh. There are so many things to be grateful for and so many things to be happy about, even the small things. It is so refreshing to take some time out of your day and think about all the good things, we encourage you to give it a try.