Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Metzler

By Sydney Jurecko                          

Oak Hall’s Upper School new learning specialist, Amanda Metzler, has dedicated her life to helping students enjoy something she used to struggle with. Metzler is from Jacksonville but attended college at the University of Florida. UF was also where she was teaching before she came to Oak Hall. There, she was a learning specialist, but also a teacher of a class called “Uncommon Reads”, where she selected the “Harry Potter” series and taught two classes on it. 

Her reason for becoming a learning specialist is because when she was younger, she did not like reading. “It was definitely an area that was hard for me, and I just wasn’t engaged in it,” she shared. A really great teacher who spent a lot of time with her completely changed her mind set on reading. The main reason for becoming a learning specialist is because of the amazing teachers that inspired her. Now, she loves the subject she once loathed so much that she taught a whole class solely based on the idea of reading. 

Metzler is a friendly face to students needing assistance

While describing her job as a learning specialist, she stated, “It’s part of my job to meet with students, faculty, staff and help in any way I can with regards to learning for students.” She understands the job varies based on the school environment. At OHS, Her main goal is to be able to help students in any way to strengthen their learning potential. She teaches strategies for note taking, test taking, study habits, and much more. Metzler also helps teachers who ask for her assistance in enhancing their student’s learning abilities. 

She spends most of her free time with her five month old daughter. She also enjoys attending Gator sporting events, playing board games, and running. She has run multiple half marathons, 15k’s, and other long-distance runs. Unfortunately, an injury has side-tracked her for now.

With a few months on the job under her belt, Metzler can already see how OHS is a very special and loving community.