Senior Spotlight: Kesean Brown

In an effort to make this year special for Oak Hall’s senior athletes, we created A-Z questions for them to answer. We hope you enjoy!

Kesean Brown is a member of Oak Hall’s varsity boys track and field team!

By August Ewert-Harpold

Hello, my name is Kesean Brown and I attend Oak Hall and I am currently a senior and I do track and field.

A: What is some advice that you’d give your freshman-self? Some advice that I would give my freshman self is to just have fun cause it’s going to fly by so fast, so just enjoy every moment of my high school career.
B: What is your best pre meet snack? 
My best pre-meet snack would probably be chicken alfredo from Olive Garden with a salad.
C: What are your coach’s best words of advice? 
My coach’s best words of advice would just be to “dig and try hard to do your best”.
D: What is your dream job? 
My dream job is to be a professional track and field runner and if that doesn’t work out then a pediatrician. 
E: What was your most entertaining practice that you’ve had? 
The most entertaining practice was maybe false starting out of the box.
F: What has been your favorite high school athletic moment? 
Definity winning state in the 100 and 200 in my sophomore year, that was crazy.
G: What are some of your goals for senior year? 
Some of my goals for senior year is to be a state champion again and also be one of the fastest 100- and 200-meter sprinters in the country.  
H: What college are you hoping to attend? 
A college that I am hoping to attend is Florida State. 
I: What is an interesting thing about you that’s not related to your sports? 
I love to sing, and I am also very into fashion like clothes and stuff. 
J: What is your favorite joke? 
I don’t have one.
K: What are your keys to maintaining your homework load? 
Sometimes I just try to get it done the best that I can and if I can’t I ask my teachers for an extension or something. That’s it.
L: What would you say your least favorite practice drill is? 
My least favorite practice drill would probably be C skips.
M: What type of music you listen to/ what is your favorite song? 
The type of music I listen to is rap and R&B and sometimes gospel but my favorite song I listen to is “Track Star” by Mooski. 
N: What is your top Netflix show recommendation?  
My top Netflix show recommendation would probably be Sabrina
O: What are some of your other hobbies? 
Some of my other hobbies would be watching Netflix, sleeping, and eating. 
P: When you’re preparing for an important meet, what do you have to do? 
Number one thing that I do is pray and I also just hydrate and just focus and just try to do the best that I can. 
Q: What is a question you would ask your future self? 
A question that I would ask my future self is “Did you give it your all?”.
R: What is the most relaxing part of your day? 
The most relaxing part of my day is lying in my bed.
S: What is your favorite subject this year? 
My favorite subject this year would probably be creative writing. 
T: What is your favorite TV show? 
My favorite tv show would probably be The One, it just came out and it’s really good.
U: What do you think the most underrated pet or animal is? 
Probably a whale. 
V: What is your dream vacation spot? 
My dream vacation, I love amusement parks so probably like sea world or like Six Flags or something like that.  
W: What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? 
The weirdest thing that I have ever eaten would probably be sushi. 
X: Have you ever had to have an X-ray? If so for what? 
I’ve had an MRI for my hamstring. 
Y: What do you believe your impact to the younger players? 
I believe that my impact was like coming in and being brand new to Oak Hall my sophomore year and just getting along with everybody and just having that positive mindset and positive spirit and just going out there and beating seniors and juniors and stuff and I think that made them really look up to me. 
Z: What is your favorite zoo animal? 
My favorite zoo animal would probably be a monkey!