Senior Spotlight: Jacob Limon

In an effort to make this year special for Oak Hall’s senior athletes, we created A-Z questions for them to answer. We hope you enjoy!

Jacob Limon is a member of Oak Hall’s varsity boys lacrosse team!

By Avery Broom

A: Advice you would give your freshman self? Work harder now so you can relax more later.
B: Best pre-game meal? Oatmeal and egg whites.
C: Coach’s best words of advice? Never be satisfied.
D: Favorite dessert? Key lime pie.
E: Typical evening plans post-game? Go to chipotle and take a bath.
F: Favorite high school athletic moment? Beating Buchholz sophomore year for district championship.
G: Goals for your senior season? Win a state championship.
H: Hoping to attend which college? Flagler.
I: Interesting thing about you besides lacrosse? Um.. I’ve had 14 injuries since eighth grade.
J: Favorite joke? What do you call a fish with no eye? A fsh.
K: Keys to maintaining homework? Make a list and set aside time to actually get it done.
L: Least favorite practice drill? Least favorite practice drill is probably wallball.
M: Music you listen to? Rock music.
N: Netflix or Hulu? Hulu.
O: Outside hobbies other than lacrosse? Lifting weights.
P: Preparations for a big game include? Drinking a lot of water and caffeine.
Q: Question you would ask your future self? Did we accomplish the goals that we set before?
R: Would you rather play in the heat or cold? The heat.
S: What would your senior superlative be? Most likely to do steroids.
T: Favorite TV show? Family Guy.
U: Most underrated position? LSM. [What?] LSM. [What is that?] Long stick middie.
V: Favorite vacation spot? The mountains.
W: Do you wish to play lacrosse in college? Yeah.
X: Any X-Rays? Yes. [How many?] Um. Anywhere between 10 or 20.
Y: What is your impact on younger athletes on the team? Make them tougher.
Z: Favorite zoo animal? Silverback gorilla.