Spanish Club to Host Movie Event

By Avery Broom

Every year Spanish Club holds a movie night hosted at a student’s house. This year Spanish Club president, Alexa Katz, is hosting the event on Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. Katz plans to have the movie night outside on her patio, because of COVID, where she has outdoor seating and a TV. Posters around the Upper School has the location for the event, and the club plans on watching the movie REC, a Spanish “found footage” horror film.

According to Wikipedia, “The film centers on a news reporter and her cameraman covering a firefighter intervention at an apartment building in Barcelona. What began as a routine emergency assignment escalates into something far worse as a deadly virus spreads among the building’s occupants, turning them into bloodthirsty cannibals; escape is impossible as the government has surrounded the building to prevent the virus from spreading beyond it, and the pair continue to record the events that unfold inside, of which the film itself is the final result.” All students are invited to this event, and English subtitles will be used.  

There will also be food and drinks including some traditional Spanish cuisine. Katz says the purpose of Spanish Club hosting events is to encourage students to engage with Hispanic culture outside of the classroom. The goal of this event is to bring students into Spanish culture to help immerse them in the language for a better learning experience. If you can’t make this event, Spanish Club plans to potentially host a Cinco de Mayo party later this year as well.

The trailer for the Spanish film, REC