Senior Project Still A Go for This School Year

By Jenna Poppell

The senior project offers seniors the opportunity for experiential education beyond the normal classroom walls in an area of their interest. “It is an extension of Oak Hall’s philosophy and commitment to developing a strong sense of social responsibility in each of its students,” said Jeff Malloy, Director of Operations for Oak Hall and the senior class advisor. The project is required for graduating seniors and is an opportunity for students to create, plan, and execute a 40-hour educational project of their own design. In general, the senior project must be a structured learning experience in an area acceptable to the school. The project should reflect the student’s personality and interests. Last year, seniors were unable to participate due to the pandemic. 

“Because of COVID-19, we may be in a position where some “hybrid” projects are done both in-person and virtually,” said Malloy. “If a ‘in person’ project is not an option in the students desired field, the student may opt for a Career Exploration Project,” he continued.

At the moment, Oak Hall is planning on having the students complete the project in May. Decisions on student proposals will be made by spring break.