OHS Student Publishes Book of Poetry

By Jenna Poppell

Lauren Cohen, a junior at Oak Hall, has recently published her first poetry book on Amazon titled, Let the Rain Fall. The book is a collection of work from age 12 to 17 that takes the reader through her personal journeys and experiences. It focuses on uplifting dialogues surrounding grief, trauma, love, and liberation, she says. “I didn’t write the book with the intent of ever publishing it. My words came together to create a collection of narratives, a greater dialogue on the systemic injustices occurring within our society as a whole,“ Cohen expressed.

All of the proceeds from her book, priced at $8.99, will go to the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit organization that works to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality.

While Cohen never expected for her voice to be shared on such a large platform, she aims to continue to spread knowledge and awareness to the things that matter. “Writing has always been a way of letting go of my internal dialogues. I never plan to stop but rather, I hope these words can last a lifetime.”

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