Senior Spotlight: Victor Chiu

In an effort to make this year special for Oak Hall’s senior athletes, we created A-Z questions for them to answer. We hope you enjoy!

Victor Chiu is a member of Oak Hall’s varsity boys soccer team!

By Jenna Poppell

A – Advice you’d give your freshman-self? Do your homework on time.
B – Best pre-game meal? 
A sandwich. 
C – Coach’s best words of advice? 
Don’t be bad.
D – Favorite dessert? 
E – Most entertaining practice? 
Film with Adam. 
F – Favorite high school athletic moment? 
I don’t know, I play defense!
G – Goals for your senior season? 
To win a game.
H – Hoping to attend (which college)? 
UPenn (University of Pennsylvania).
I – Interesting thing about you away from soccer?  
I did fencing for a few years.
J – Favorite joke?
K – Keys to maintaining homework? Just do it when you get home.
L – Least favorite practice drill? 
Four-line drill. Everyone stands in a square and you just pass [the ball] in circles.
M – Music you listen to? 
N – Netflix or Hulu? 
O – Outside hobbies (other than soccer)? 
P – Preparations for a big game include? 
Drinking water.
Q – Question you would ask your future-self? 
Was [soccer] worth it? Like, time-wise.
R – Most relaxing part of your day? 
S – What would your senior superlative be? 
“Least likely to get dress coded”. 
T – Favorite TV show? 
Criminal Minds.
U – Most underrated pet? A fish.
V – Favorite vacation spot? 
W – What does it mean to you to be an Eagle? Go to Oak Hall.
X – Any X-rays? 
No.Y – Your impact to the younger athletes on the team? I tell them what to do!  
Z – Favorite zoo animal? A wolf, I don’t know if that’s in a zoo.