Saying Farewell to Libby Karow

By Jenna Poppell

After more than 20 years of working at Oak Hall School, Upper School Spanish teacher Libby Karow is moving on to the next chapter of her life, leaving an enormous hole behind. Karow has had a tremendous impact at OHS, whether it was teaching at all three divisions, leading the Upper School Honor Council, or establishing a partnership with a sister school in Uruguay. In addition, she created a highly successful International Festival run by Oak Hall’s International Club, which allowed Upper School students to get involved and celebrate cultures all around the world. Known affectionately as “Señora” by her students, Karow will be greatly missed for her supportive and caring nature. Oak Hall senior Elle Storoe has known Karow since she began kindergarten at OHS. “[Karow] has been like a second mother to me [and] has always been there if I ever needed anything. She has been an awesome teacher and an awesome friend. Just knowing that there is an adult that I can go to for help has been awesome throughout high school,” she said. 

Visibly moved by the surprise party thrown by Oak Hall students,
Karow’s legacy will not be forgotten

On Dec. 11, students threw a surprise farewell party with the help of Upper School Spanish teacher Krystal Serrano. Students had the opportunity to write Karow a personal note, thanking her and wishing her luck in the future. Oak Hall senior Caroline Jurecko concurs with Storoe’s sentiments. “Señora Karow is so caring, she helped me with so much and I could always count on her to be there for me. I don’t know what I would have done without her,” she stated. Not only did she allow her students cook in class and liven up their day with interactive games, but she was an advocate for every student at the school. Students gravitated to her because they knew she would listen. “Most people teach because they love working with kids but seldom hear from them until years later when a few come back to see you or drop you a line.  To have so many students, past and present, make the effort to celebrate my retirement means the world to me,” Karow said. “I thought I was emotionally ready to move on to my next great adventure, but the past two weeks have reminded me why I took such great joy in teaching. I will miss my students every day.”

Thank you Senora Karow for giving so much to this community and giving all of us a safe place to be ourselves.