Editorial: Senior Year Amid Pandemic

By Sarah Rosenberg

When schools shut down last spring, no one could have anticipated the ramifications that the virus would have on the class of 2021. The now-graduated class of 2020 scolded the class of 2021 for being sad that they were missing their junior prom and all the privileges of being a rising senior because they would have “all of senior year”. In reality, this school year, that many Lifers* have been waiting for since they stepped onto the Oak Hall campus at age 3, looks different than ever before. No senior lounge, no Homecoming Week, virtual kindergarten buddies, no Field Day, and it’s only November. 

Possibly the most difficult part for the senior class is the new college admissions process. Although this process has never been an easy one, seniors this year have it especially bad. With most universities no longer offering in-person campus tours because of COVID-19 students are feeling more lost than ever before. Virtual tours on college websites have been heavily relied upon this year, giving students a tiny glimpse into what life would be like for the next four years if they decided to attend. Standardized tests around the country have been cancelled due to the pandemic, prompting many universities to become test optional for this admissions cycle. This necessary change has left students to wonder how their application will be compared to others around the country and world. “I just don’t understand how they can judge any of us against someone form rural Kansas or big cities like New York without a way to standardize our knowledge,” said Oak Hall senior Alexa Katz.

During this unprecedented time, colleges are doing everything they can to help students succeed in the admissions process and at their university. No one knows exactly how to navigate any of this perfectly but perfection will not be fallen short due to lack of effort. 

*A “Lifer” is defined as a student that began his or her education at Oak Hall School starting in kindergarten, Pre-K, or junior kindergarten and consecutively attended OHS each year through senior year.