Senior Spotlight: Henry Palmer

Oak Hall’s Arts Conservatory Program (ACP) allows students to expand their creativity in their given study (art, music, or theater). In an effort to make this year special for Oak Hall’s senior ACP students, we created A-Z questions for them to answer. We hope you enjoy!

By Jenna Poppell

A – Advice you’d give your freshman-self? Honestly, get into ACP earlier. Find the motivation to do art.
B – Best ACP moment?  
I don’t know, just drawing in my room, I guess. I don’t really have a particular moment.
C – Career goals? 
I don’t really have any career goals that pertain to art.
D – Favorite dessert? 
Vanilla cake.
E – Most entertaining art show? 
I’ve never really been to an art show.
F – Future plans for your craft? 
Just get better at it.
G – Goals for your senior year? 
Improve my art.
H – Hoping to attend (which college)? UF, FSU, UCF
I – Interesting thing about you away from your artistic ability?  I like to cook.
J – Favorite joke? What do you call a pile of cats? A meow-rain.
K – Keys to maintaining homework? The grind.
L – Least favorite art style? Crayon.
M – Music you listen to? Blaze Bars.
N – Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
O – Outside hobbies (other than your art)? I like to cook.
P – Preparations for a big showing? Just drawing, practicing. Drawing the same image multiple times until I get it right.
Q – Question you would ask your future self? How do you die?
R – Most relaxing part of your day? Going home.
S – What would your senior superlative be? I don’t even know what that is. Most raw!
T – Favorite TV show? Breaking Bad
U – Most underrated pet? Chameleon.
V – Favorite vacation spot? Arizona.
W – What does it mean to you to be an Eagle? Eagle wave.
X – Any X-rays? Any X- Rays? Uh no.
Y – Your impact to the younger artists at oak hall? Jake what’s my impact? I mean everything to those kids
Z – Favorite zoo animal? Monkey.