School Store Gets New Name

By Sarah Rosenberg

Oak Hall School has implemented a great number of changes over the last few years, one being the school store. The store quickly became a place that students congregated to do homework, get some food, or just hang out. Food from Dave’s NY Deli and Brownie Guy are available for students, faculty, and staff to purchase in the store. In addition, Oak Hall apparel is available at the store in all sizes to adorn students and parents in Eagle gear. The campus school store is located in the Administration building near the Upper School parking lot and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Due to COVID-19 parents are asked to schedule an appointment by contacting Jeff Malloy ( before visiting the store. 

After a few years of calling the store the “School Store”, it was decided that an actual name should be given. Administration called on students and alumni to help come up with ideas. To raise the stakes, a $100 gift card was offered to whoever’s idea earned them most votes from the rest of the student body and alumni. 

The new logo for Oak Hall’s school store, “Eagle’s Landing”

Many entered submissions for the name of the store including finalists Jacob R. (seventh grade), Allison K. (sixth grader), Kaylee K. (freshman), Colson K. (sixth grader), Siena S. (sixth grader), Emi V. (preschooler), Elise A. (junior), and Kingsley G. (preschooler), who all won $10 gift cards to the school store. The top three names that it came down to were “Eagles Landing”, “Eagle Outfitters”, and “Eagle’s Perch and Merch”. After one final vote, “Eagles Landing” has officially become the name of the school store. This name was created by three different people who split the prize. “I had fun thinking of names and I love hanging out with my friends in the store,” Said Jacob R. (seventh grader) who is one of the winners. 

After the naming of the store process was completed, it was on to the logo designs. The same rules applied and again, people got to work. There were many entries from a range of different grades of the school. The three finalists were Allison B., Laurali D., and Allison K. Each won a $25 gift card to the school store. The winner was voted on by the student body and a photo of the design is below.