OHS Libraries Adjust With Online Book Check Out

By Jenna Poppell

Because of COVID-19, the sense of normalcy at Oak Hall School has changed, including how the libraries on campus do business. Oak Hall’s online library catalog has been in place for some time, but there hasn’t been much of a need to utilize some of its features until this year. The website has become a great way to safely check out books and quickly access material. 

Evelyn Smith, the Middle and Upper School Media Specialist, says the online library is not only beneficial for students interested in listening to an audiobook and reading, but has many helpful databases such as World Book Online, EBSCO, and JSTOR. The databases aid students in any research for projects, or articles they may need for class. This is a very convenient change from the card catalog, where books once had to be looked up by the author or title on small pieces of paper. 

Good bye card catalog…hello technology!

In addition, print books can also be checked out from either the Lower or Upper School library. After a student puts a book on hold through the online library, it is checked out and delivered to one of the student’s classes or is available for curbside pick-up. The library is taking strict precautions to ensure the safety of all Oak Hall students eager to read. Smith noted that the Lower and Upper School libraries worked together with Oak Hall’s Re-Entry Committee to develop the current library policies and are being updated as the COVID-19 science evolves, and more research is done. “Print books can safely be checked out, but they need to be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours to a maximum of six days after they are returned, depending on how they are stored while in quarantine,” stated Smith. 

To access the online library catalog, please click here!

The OHS online library home screen