Senior Athlete Spotlight: Miles Kelleher

In an effort to make this year special for Oak Hall’s senior athletes, we created A-Z questions for them to answer. We hope you enjoy!

Senior Athlete Spotlight: Miles Kelleher

By Sarah Rosenberg

Miles Kelleher is a member of Oak Hall’s Varsity Cross Country team!

A – Advice you’d give your freshman-self? Never sprint the warm-up. 
B – Best pre-game meal? Pasta.
C – Coach’s best words of advice? “Run fast”.
D – Favorite dessert? Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwiches.
E – Most entertaining practice? Any long run.
F – Favorite high school athletic moment? Probably being state runner-up last year.
G – Goals for your senior season? Just have a good time and have fun. 
H – Hoping to attend (which college)? I’m not really sure yet, but any college.
I – Interesting thing about you away from cross country… I once won a watermelon eating contest.             
J – Favorite joke? Why don’t basketball players go on vacation? Because they aren’t allowed to travel!  
K – Keys to maintaining homework? Do it before practice. 
L – Least favorite practice drill? 800 repeats.
M – Music you listen to? Anything Khalid. 
N – Netflix or Hulu? Netflix all the way. 
O – Outside hobbies? Swimming.
P – Preparations for a big race include? Big bowl of pasta. 
Q – Question you would ask your future self? What regrets do you have?
R – Most relaxing part of your day? A hot shower. 
S – What would your senior superlative be? Most likely to hit their head on a doorway.
T – Favorite TV show? Probably The Office.
U – Most underrated pet? Fish.
V – Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere on the beach.
W – What does it mean to you to be an Eagle? Soaring past all expectations! 
X – Any X-rays? Many!
Y – Your impact to the younger athletes on the team? Just being a positive role model.
Z – Favorite zoo animal? Gorilla.