Sept. 18 Now Full Day Off For Students

Originally scheduled as a half-day, Friday now gives teachers planning time

By Courtney Bolton

It was previously announced in an email from Corinna French, Oak Hall’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, that the half day for students on Sept. 18 has been officially changed to a full day off for students. Oak Hall’s Head of School, Dr. James Hutchins, stated that this was to benefit the teachers and give them time without any classes to catch up on work. “The division directors approached me with the idea of using this day for teachers to catch up on grading, planning, and preparation for our midterms,” Hutchins explained. “I supported their idea and have received several responses from teachers applauding the decision,” he continued. The decision to change from a half day to a complete day off was made by the division directors because they wanted to support teachers during the pandemic. Upper School Spanish teacher, Libby Karow, recognizes that this school year is a larger challenge for teachers than previous school years. “For me [teaching] is much more difficult,” Karow said. “Everything I plan to do has to be published in advance and I need to scan and upload every worksheet and assignment,” she explained. Having Friday off, however, is a much-needed day to allow teachers to recharge. “I’m very happy to have the time to get a week or two of lesson plans set in Canvas” Karow noted.

Oak Hall’s administration is aware of how these are trying times, for teachers and students, and are doing everything in its power to make the transition of accommodating online students smoother for teachers during this difficult time. “We will continue to monitor what’s going on with the teachers and support any need they may have to help students,” Hutchins adds. 

Originally, faculty would have taken part in a professional development program in the afternoon, which has been rescheduled for a later date.