School Store Features New Vendors

By Jenna Poppell

The Oak Hall school store has featured many coffee shop businesses, like Patticakes during the 2019-20 school year, and are happy to announce this year’s vendors are Dave’s Deli, and The Brownie Guy. Many students on campus view the school store as a safe environment to order coffee, do homework, or just sit and relax. “It’s a place where it’s quiet and has comfy couches to do work,” said Oak Hall senior August Ewert-Harpold. In fact, she is a regular customer at the store, often grabbing a bag of chips and Sprite. Ewert-Harpold also noted that she really likes how friendly and welcoming the staff are, which coincides with the safe environment-feel. The school store’s Manager Hayden Uman enjoys the Oak Hall community, especially getting to know the students.

Jeff Malloy, Director of Auxiliary and Operations at Oak Hall, mentioned that there are a lot of new options coming to the store. “We are trying to offer breakfast and lunch products from Dave’s Deli and desserts from The Brownie Guy, in addition to a regular offering of grab-and-go goods like yogurts, fresh fruit, Lunchables, and cups of soup,” he said. “We hope to add DeConna Ice Cream products to the store and also start having fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies,” he continued.

In addition to having quick food options for students, the school store offers a variety of spirit wear and uniform necessities. “We are actually expanding this to offer things like tumblers, cell phone accessories, and even school supplies,” Malloy elaborated. Students will soon have the option of having a prepaid account that way they don’t need cash or a credit card if they leave their money at home. “We are working on a system where a parent can repurchase a ‘store card’ where they can just identify themselves at the store and make purchases against the balance,” Malloy added.