Monthly Archives: April 2020

Movie Review: Parasite

Spoiler Alert: This review contains spoilers from this film By Sofia Santelices Parasite is considered a thriller masterpiece from 2019. Since it was just released on Hulu on April 8 (currently the only platform streaming the movie), subscribers can now watch the Oscar-winning film. I have an immense soft spot for genres that are designed to keep the audience on the edge

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Music Review: Pearl Jam is Back

I never thought they left… By Cristina AlvarezThe Talon Advisor From the group that brought you hits like “Jeremy”, “Evenflow”, and “Better Man” comes the highly anticipated 11th album, Gigaton. Now, I know a majority of the younger readers of The Talon are asking, “Ms. Alvarez, who is Pearl Jam?”. Well, Pearl Jam is the greatest rock and roll band to come out

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