And the Final Rose Will Go to…

Mac Fogler gives his prediction on the highly anticipated final episode

By Mac Fogler

Tonight is the penultimate episode of The Bachelor. This season has been full of ups and downs, and has been described by those involved as “unspoilable”, a welcome change since most endings are known before the show even airs. We have two women left, Hannah Ann and Madison. They have been the two frontrunners since the very first episode, and it is no surprise that they are the final two left. We left last week with Madison reluctantly accepting Peter’s (aka the bachelor) rose after leaving their date upset about some of his choices.

My prediction is that the girls will go meet Peter’s family and things will not go smoothly. Madison’s uncomfortableness will be too much for her to overcome, and she will choose to leave the show. This will lead to the clip we’ve seen all season of host Chris Harrison telling Peter that there is something that they have just found out, and Peter is devastated (if you don’t want to Google it, have no fear, it’s at the bottom of this article). He will chase after her and he will continue to see both women. I think eventually he will choose Madison but that they won’t get engaged. I was planning on making a prediction for who would be chosen for The Bachelorette but ABC beat me to the punch, choosing Clare Crawley, whom I know nothing about but from what I have heard I think was a good choice.

Overall, this season has been a rollercoaster. It’s been frustrating at points, as Peter’s indecisiveness and inability to have a handle on the drama of the season has been tough to watch. On the other hand, there has been a lot of fun drama which has made it very entertaining. I have enjoyed it, but I’m ready to put a bow on it and move forward.