Spring Break Brings Relaxation and Travels

By Madison Gaston

Mark your calendars for March 21 to 29 because Spring Break is just around the corner! After two and a half months of hard work this semester, Oak Hall Eagles definitely deserve a break. Spring Break is perfect for students to spend time with family and friends, but many of our students are involved in time-consuming extracurriculars and finishing or catching up on homework, leaving almost no time for rest. Spring Break, being a week long, is in theory, designed to give students time to travel overseas (for example, the school trip to Spain). Some students, however, argue that the break should be longer to accommodate for plane flight time. Nonetheless, a majority of Eagles are excited for Spring Break whether they are going abroad, out of state, or just staying home to relax. 

Many Upper School students are old enough to travel with friends, along with family members. For example, Oak Hall is hosting a trip to Uruguay this Spring Break where students learn about Uruguayan culture and get to travel with classmates and teachers. Some of our students even decide to take part in school related activities and community service. “My grandparents live [in North Carolina] and have a nonprofit organization called ‘The Still Place’ where children who are seriously ill and their families go to rest and have a good and fun vacation or just a time to get away from everything else,” said freshman Tori Kitchens. Kitchens claims she got 60 hours of community service over the summer working at “The Still Place” and plans on doing it again. While some students favor the heat, others favor the cold and fancy skiing rather than lying on the beach. While some students travel to Colorado to ski, others head to places like North Carolina, and even New York City. “I’m looking forward to spending time with some of my friends who live in [New York City] and exploring the city in a down-to-earth way,” said sophomore Lauren Cohen. “My friends and I are planning on thrifting, going to local art galleries, and visiting as many museums as we can,” she continued. 

Middle School is a time when Spring Break starts to be meaningful. Students begin to appreciate a break from all of Oak Hall’s challenging curriculum. Furthermore, Middle School gives more opportunities for sports and extracurriculars during the school year, so sixth through eighth graders are glad to hang out with friends and family during the week off. The length of the break, however, could be longer according to many Middle School students, indicating they would rather have a longer break than just a week, like the two weeks off in December. Oak Hall eighth grader Veronica B. stated that a longer break would help her have more family time. “[I am] going to visit my brother and his girlfriend in Minnesota and a longer break would be nicer,” she said. 

As for the littlest Eagles, Oak Hall’s Auxiliary Program is offering a spring break camp! For the whole week, students in Pre-K through eighth grade will craft, play indoor and outdoor games, and participate in sports, amongst other fun activities. Third grade student Caitlin B. has attended many of the day camps, including summer camp, and is looking forward to spring break camp. “Camp is more fun than sitting at home,” she exclaimed. To register for spring break camp, please visit: https://oakhallsummer.campbrainregistration.com