Student Spotlight: Matthew Citty

By Mary Madelyn Broom

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest achievement within the Boy Scouts of America program and has only been earned by 4 percent of Scouts within the program. Matthew Citty, class of 2020, has worked hard to join this prestigious group.

The rank of Eagle Scout has many requirements and typically takes about four years to achieve. “Every person who becomes an Eagle Scout has to do a specific Eagle Project, [which is] pretty similar to the senior project,” Citty mentioned. The senior project, an Oak Hall graduation requirement, is a 40 hour internship-style exploration into a chosen topic. Citty, who began his Scout years in sixth grade, especially values the time spent on camping trips with fellow Scouts. 21 specific badges must be earned to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, which is completed by an Eagle Project and promotion board approval. Before starting the Eagle Project, Eagle Scout hopefuls must meet with a board to approve the plan. Citty used his Eagle Project to build a retaining wall at Camp Crystal to prevent sand erosion. Following a Scout’s Eagle Project, a final meeting is held with a promotion board to finalize its selection to become Eagle Scout. “Anybody can be an Eagle Scout; they just have to be willing to put in the time and effort,” Citty added.

Some of Citty’s fondest memories in Boy Scouts includes the numerous campouts. “Right after we do a service project it’s just you and your friends in the middle of the woods and there is nothing planned…you have to come up with things to do,” he said, adding that on one trip he discovered that the best “non-conventional fire-starter” is a Dorito chip. 

Following Oak Hall graduation, Citty hopes to attend the Air Force Academy and become a pilot. “I probably won’t get back to Boy Scouts until I’m out of the military,” Citty notes, adamant that his time with the Boy Scouts isn’t over yet.