G.O.L.D. Program Aims to Join US/MS Students

By Mary Madelyn Broom

Girls Overnight Leadership Development (G.O.L.D.) is an event for Oak Hall eighth grade girls to help with the transition into the Upper School. G.O.L.D., which occurs from the night of April 4 to the morning of April 5, is run by current junior and senior female students, who each take in a participant as their “little” and spend the night at the Upper School.

Throughout the night, students collaborate on activities to bond with each other and prepare for the next four years. Past activities have included scavenger hunts around the Upper School, photo booths, Zumba, and yoga. One of the main events is a panel where the “littles” get to ask the older students questions about high school and growing up. For the older participants, this is beneficial and used as time to get closer with the younger students, as most of the Upper School students participated in this program as an eighth grader themselves and can appreciate the advice given by the older girls whom they look up to.

Participants of G.O.L.D. in 2019

Teacher sponsors, Upper School science teacher Kristin Wilson and Upper School Spanish teacher Krystal Serrano, help the older girls plan and organize the event, but are adamant that the chosen senior leaders are in charge of making the event happen. This year’s senior leaders are Veronika Schmalfuss, Evie Kelley, and Mary Madelyn Broom. “We are so excited to meet all of the girls and give back to the event that meant so much to us as participants,” exclaimed Schmalfuss.