Spanish Project Aims to Help Environment

By Cate Cannon

Oak Hall’s Spanish-III Honors class, taught by Upper School Spanish teacher Krystal Serrano, is working on a project that aims to better the environment, both at school and in general.

The purpose of the project is to find an economically efficient plan with various benefits to improve the environment. Students were assigned partners, with whom they are having to liaise often as the project requires out-of-school work. The goal is that Oak Hall students will gain a better understanding of the environment and the economic impacts of caring for it.

Sophomores Jennifer Berthy and Rebecca Lillie are presenting a project on paper towels vs. hand dryers. “It would be beneficial to use Airblade V dryers instead of paper towels,” claims Berthy. The two believe that the project would be economically beneficial. “Paper towels are pretty expensive to buy, and these hand dryers could last you a long time,” she continues.

Senior Natalie Saliwanchik thinks the project is a great idea. “Whether our ideas actually get implemented or not, it gets people talking about how we can improve Oak Hall’s environment”, she says. “I think that if certain groups plan out their ideas well enough, and if they would benefit Oak Hall, then the administrators would consider implementing some of our ideas,” she continues.

Most of the class has expressed excitement at the opportunity to work on this project. Being given the chance to learn about the environment and plan ways to make an impact is an inspiring assignment for young adults. The students are grateful to Spanish teacher Krystal Serrano for the chance to work on a project that increases their environmental knowledge and understanding of the topic. “The group that wins the class vote will have the opportunity to present their project to the administration,” Serrano said.