Senior ACP Recitals Showcase Years of Talent

By Jasmine Chen

A significant part of the culture of Oak Hall’s Arts Conservatory Program (ACP) are the senior ACP recitals. The first of these recitals is at 11:45 a.m., Jan. 23 in the Cofrin Art Gallery.

For the recitals, each senior ACP member is required to perform three to four music pieces that are selected by the musician and approved by both Middle and Upper School music directors, Jason Stahl and Dr. Dominique Clance. “They are required to choose repertoire, then arrange music, and rehearse their musicians during free periods, lunches, and after school,” Stahl said.

Different from normal ACP recitals, which usually feature more than two students at a time, senior ACP recitals feature the seniors independently. “It is a signature moment in our senior’s final year…it is an event that our seniors take pride in, and reflect their persona through,” Stahl noted.

“In the past, we’ve had students bring in special guest artists such as family members and private teachers,” he continued.

Senior ACP member Michelle Li has been part of ACP since freshman year. “It is a chance for [seniors] to be featured with more individuality,” Li said. “It is a very special occasion, even though we’ve been doing the ACP for more than a year for us to be a senior ACP member, so we’ve done recital for multiple times, but it’s very special,” she continued.

ACP was founded in 2010. Students interested in being members of ACP are required to audition to gain admission. As for the seniors, Li acknowledges how important this last recital is for her and her classmates. “Usually when you’re a senior, you’re more capable of using your instrument in different ways, and it’s really a fine opportunity for you to show everyone what you can do, and you have a lot of freedom in arranging and rehearsing.” she said enthusiastically.

The five senior students featured in senior ACP recitals this year are: Emma Anderson on March 5, Michelle Li on Jan. 23, Anthony Ponzio on Jan. 30, Lauren Rogers on Feb. 6, and Griffin Williams on March 12.