A to Z With Reena Falisi

By Mary Madelyn Broom

On Dec. 4, Oak Hall senior Reena Falisi signed her National Letter of Intent to play Division I college softball at Auburn University. During a ceremony at the Oxborough Gymnasium, she celebrated her accomplishment with her family, friends, and coaches. Falisi, who has been at Oak Hall for eight years, and playing softball for six, received her first Division I offer in seventh grade. Before she graduates and continues her athletic career, The Talon caught up with her for some A to Z!

A – Why did you choose Auburn? I love the campus. It’s really pretty there, and the environment is just everything I could ask for.
B – Favorite bat? Louisville Slugger.
C – Coaches best advice? Be aggressive.
D – Favorite day of the week? Friday!
E – Easiest part of the day? Lunch.
F – How do you spend free time? Um, I like to draw and paint when I’m not busy.
G – Go to candy? 
Dark chocolate I guess, if that’s a candy.
H – Holiday plans? Spend time and chill.
I – Favorite ice cream? Oreo ice cream.
J – Tell me your best joke. Okay, why did the mafia cross the street? I don’t know. Fuhgeddaboudit.
K – How do you keep up with schoolwork? Just being proactive. Making sure teachers know when I’ll be gone and doing my work.
L – Have any lucky charms? Yes, actually, yes. I wear this when I play. It’s a protective thing, it’s religious.
M – Most memorable game? When I flew about 10 feet when I dove, and I caught this ball that I definitively shouldn’t have caught.
N – Advice for new players? Don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be afraid of failure.
O – Future occupation? Doctor.
P – Do you have any pets? Yes, a c— ton. Horses, dogs, cats.
Q – Favorite quote? We promise forever in a world where even life is temporary.
R – Pregame routine? Listening to some hype music.
S – Do you play any other sports? Lacrosse
T – Favorite team memory? Going to Six Flags.
U – Useless knowledge? The scientific name for fruit flies is drosophila.
V – Dream vacation? Oh my god! Take me anywhere in the world. Italy … anywhere … that isn’t here.
W – Why did you start playing softball? My dad told me that I could clean the horse stalls or that I could play softball, so.
X – How many x-rays have you had? None.
Y – Favorite thing to yell during a game? You can do it! You got this! 
Z – Favorite zoo animal? Oh, giraffe!