“Wizard of Oz” Comes to OHS

By Madison Gaston

It’s no surprise that Oak Hall has a wide range of talent among its students. On Dec. 11 at 1 p.m. and Dec. 12 at 7 p.m., Oak Hall’s fourth graders are performing the renowned play, The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, in the Lower School multi-purpose room (PJ Manson Center). The play, directed by Lower School music teacher Erin Cushing, will be performed by the fourth graders’ music class. The students, however, are not graded for their participation, but rather encouraged to build confidence to perform for an audience of teachers and peers.

Many students of the fourth grade class have been chosen to play major roles in the play:

Dorothy: Charlotte Curtis 
Wicked Witch: Reagan Barr
Tin Man: McNeil Ezzell
Scarecrow: Maxwell McAfee
Wizard of Oz: Kyan Kosboth
Glinda: Lilah Raulerson
Aunt Em: Rania Mian
Uncle Henry: Chase Angerhofer
Professor Marvel: Will Staples 
Mayor: Kevin Reeves 
Coroner: Shaikhah Alzamel

“I feel honored to have been chosen for the role,” said fourth grader Reagan B., who is portraying the Wicked Witch. “I am excited and scared, but I look forward to playing such an interesting and fun character!” she continued. Although the students have put many demanding hours into practicing for the play, it will be rewarding for them to learn about acting and receive encouragement from parents, teachers, and friends.

Fourth grade teacher, Jackson Rogers, notes the play gives shy students the opportunity to come out of their shells, and that outgoing students are afforded time to refine their communication skills. “Furthermore, it introduces students to develop an appreciation for the arts. We love our musicals,” he said.