MidTerm Schedules

By Mary Madelyn Broom

Mid-terms for Middle and Upper School students is right around the corner, as students prepare to close the semester. From Dec. 16 to the 20, there is one exam per day beginning at 9 a.m. and concluding at noon. The Upper School has dedicated three days to exam prep, Dec. 11 to 13, with regular schedules, and not block scheduling.

For the Upper School, the order for exams is as follows:

Monday 12/16: History
Tuesday 12/17: World Language
Wednesday 12/18: Science
Thursday 12/19: English
Friday 12/20: Math

Upper School has different rules and regulations for the midterms than the Middle School. The Upper School rules on exam days are:

  • On exam days, students should report to their test room by 8:50 a.m. with all materials needed and leave cell phones, smart watches, and other electronics outside of the testing room 
  • No students may leave the testing rooms before 10:30 a.m. 
  • While exiting the testing room and Upper School building, please be sure to stay quiet for other students still testing. 
  • Conflicts will occur each testing day from 1 – 4pm in the Upper School Media Center and need to be scheduled with Upper School Head, John Perlette as soon as possible 
  • As in previous years, dress down will be allowed during exam week. 

In preparation for exams, Perlette suggests organization as the best thing to do. He recommends students use old tests as study guides and spend most study time on the topics they struggled with most. “I encourage all students to speak directly with their teachers to get the best advice possible,” Perlette said.

Middle School exams follow the same hours and dates as the Upper School, but the schedule is as follows:

Middle School rules for exam days:

  • Middle School students are required to wear uniforms during exam week 
  • Extended Day will be provided Monday 12/16 – Thursday 12/19 but students will need to bring their own lunches 
  • If parents wish to pick up their child at 11 a.m., they need to fill out the Sign-Up Genius: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0F4EACAB22A7FB6-exam
  • There is no Extended Day on Friday, all students must be picked up by noon

Exam Week Daily Schedule
8:30-9:00: Study Hall in exam classroom
9:00-11:00: Exam
11:00-11:15: Early Dismissal or Break
11:15-12:00: Extra time accommodations and/or Study Hall
12:00: Dismissal
12:00-6:00: Monday through Thursday Extended Day

Good luck students!