“Eagle of the Month” Celebrates OHS Employees

By Josh Fernandes

Oak Hall has implemented a new program this school year, which recognizes exemplary administration, faculty, and staff. Known as the “Eagle of the Month”, nominations are accepted by colleagues, parents, students, and members of the Oak Hall community. Assistant Head of School, David Jackson, notes that the award is, “A recognition of a member of the faculty or staff for awesome work that they’ve done”.

Recipients of the “Eagle of the Month” award receive a monetary gift, and an eagle pin for their name badge. “It’s really important when you have people who are doing really great work in any organization…that you tell them that they’ve done a really great job and recognize them,” Jackson said.

“Eagle of the Month” winner Tammy Ponton with Dr. James Hutchins

A faculty or staff member becomes the “Eagle of the Month” through the process of nominations on the Oak Hall website. Once the committee receives enough nominations, the senior administrative staff discusses which individual should become the “Eagle of the Month” that month. “It’s very difficult, because each month there are usually a couple of nominees and it is really, really, hard to choose because you want to pick everybody,” Jackson stated.

“Eagle of the Month” recipient Bobby Kramer with David Jackson

This is a time-consuming process that brings a lot of factors into consideration. Although there is no rule against the same person winning the award twice in one school year, Jackson said that he didn’t think that scenario would happen. So far this year, winners include Michelle Mills, Sharon Hogan, Bobby Kramer, Tammy Ponton, Brooke Molitor, and Buffy McTureous.

If you would like to nominate a faculty or staff member, please visit: https://www.oakhall.org/about-ohs/faculty/eagle-of-the-month