A to Z With Head Girls Soccer Coach

By Kate Krauser

Oak Hall School has gone through many changes this school year, one of them being the hiring of the new varsity girls soccer coach. Charles Wharton, Upper School history teacher, had planned on volunteering with both the varsity boys and girls soccer teams this year. Instead, he stepped up and took the position of girls soccer coach. Wharton is excited about his new role this year. “Players last year had incredible comradery and performed at a high level and I respect that a lot,” he said. His goal is to keep things as similar as possible to last year so the team can keep performing at their current level. I decided to sit down with Wharton, so the rest of Oak Hall can get to know him better. 

Academics: What classes do you teach? “World History to sophomores and AP Economics to seniors.”
Birthday: When is your birthday? “October 1st.”
College: Where did you go to college? “University of Florida for undergrad and I have a degree from Harvard Law School a Juris Doctorate.”
Dream job: What is your dream job? “Teaching at Oak Hall! Go Eagles!”
Essential: What is an essential part of your day? “I exercise in the morning before school.”
Favorite dessert: What is your favorite dessert? “Carrot Cake.”
Goals: What are your life goals? “Keep teaching at Oak Hall. Go Eagles!”
Hobbies: What are your hobbies outside of school? “This is kind of embarrassing. I collect baseball cards.”
Interesting fact: What is an interesting fact about yourself? “I speak Chinese. 加油 “Hello Everybody. Keep on going” (Spoken in Chinese)
Joke: What is your best joke? “What’s the most popular car in Norway? A fjord.” 
Key: What are the keys to success? “Show up on time, word hard, trust in people you should trust, and stick up for yourself when you need to.”
Late: What makes you run late? “I make Mrs. Wharton run late; she never makes me run late.”
Model UN: How long have you been running it and what is something you like about it? “Two years, and I like when students think about and try to help solve the worlds problems.”
Number one supporter: “Mrs. Wharton. Yay! She’s the best too! Hi Mrs. Wharton!”
Opera: How do you feel about it? “I love opera! I really do! If you wanna talk about opera let me know. Maybe our school will do an opera one day, I guess it’s kinda hard. Anyway, I love it!”
Passion: What are you passionate about? “I am really passionate about helping our students reach their potential, truly. I hope you all are doing that.”
Quote: What is your favorite quote? “That’s deep.”
Relax: How do you relax? “I just work all the time and then go on vacation when we have our vacations. Actually, I enjoy relaxing at school, we have holidays and homecoming. Stuff like that.”
Soccer: What is your experience in soccer? “I used to play a lot growing up. I was on the state team. Then I hurt my knee and I wasn’t as into it anymore for a while. Now I’m really happy to be back coaching. I’ve helped coach here for a couple of years, and now I’m the head girls coach. We’re doing great. Go Eagles. We got this.”
Travel: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? “Taiwan. Mrs. Wharton and I used to live there; I love it there. It’s beautiful. Nice people, nice place, nice food.”
Unpopular opinion: What is an unpopular opinion that you have? “Well some people hate on the mix, but it’s awesome, so…”
Vacation spot: What is your ideal vacation spot? “Japan, Tokyo. Food. Just a really interesting place to live.”
What does it mean to be an Eagle: “Just have love in your heart and have support in your heart. Work as hard as you can, do your best and be awesome.”
X-ray: Have you ever gotten any x-rays and why? “I had some knee injuries. I had some MRIs, but I forget if it was an x-ray or not.
YIG: (Youth in Government) How long have you been running it and what is something you like about it? “This is my third year. We have some really incredible student leaders so helping them. With YIG I’m trying to help the students they’re in charge and they run things so it’s kinda nice to be able to support them and let them take over.”
Zoo: What is your favorite zoo animal? “Are cows a zoo animal? I really like cows. They’re peaceful, you know? I’m not that peaceful so I wanna be like a cow, they’re that great. Go cows.”