Students Work Hard, Play Hard

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, eighth through 11th graders sat for the PSAT exam. The exam, which took around three hours to complete, serves a few purposes. According to College Board, the organization that helps prepare students transition from high school to college, the eighth and ninth grade PSAT, “sets a readiness baseline, allowing students and teachers to pinpoint areas for focused practice as students progress through high school”. As for the tenth and eleventh graders, the PSAT/NMSQT measures a student’s readiness for college, access scholarships, and it helps the student practice for the SAT.

Meanwhile, the senior class enjoyed a morning of breakfast and bowling. Having taken the PSAT since eighth grade, the seniors deserved this much needed break.

When the students finished the PSAT, the seniors arrived at Oak Hall to have lunch and participate in Field Day. Oak Hall’s Student Government Association (SGA) prepared and ran the event. Teams were comprised of students mixed from the five grades, with two teachers/staff members as “coaches”. Students participated in events such as tug-of-war, kickball, dodgeball, and capture the flag.

Photos courtesy of Kate Krauser, Emily Youngblood, and Sarah Youngblood