PSAT/Field Day Around the Corner

By Emily Youngblood

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, Oak Hall’s eighth through 11th graders will take the required PSAT test, as the seniors enjoy one of the many senior privileges, Senior Breakfast. It’s not all work, as the students take a break from school after the test and enjoy the traditional after-PSAT event known as Field Day.

The test is to “provide a baseline for our students in guiding them toward future success on standardized testing,” said Myronee Simpson, Oak Hall’s Director of College Counseling.

Students take the PSAT every year, as it is beneficial since it gives them “familiarity with the content, format, and timing of College Board assessments so that they have experience with taking these before taking the SAT, likely sometime in junior year,” Simpson explained.

It occurs on the same day as Field Day because, according to Simpson, “It is a challenge to expect full student attention and engagement in classes after having spent three to four hours in testing, even with a lunch break in between.” Field Day helps the teachers as well, as it doesn’t impact lesson plans or interrupt instructional time.

This year’s Field Day theme will be Avengers. All eighth through 12th grade students will be split into 12 teams, with faculty being divided amongst the teams.

Some of the activities that have occurred in past years include tug of war, “izzy dizzy”, themed trivia, and dodgeball. Students are hopeful that these activities will return this year. T-shirt pick up will occur during lunch, which will be provided to the students.

“The SGA officers are excited to put on a fantastic field day for the eighth through 12th graders to enjoy after the PSAT,” exclaimed Student Government Association Treasurer, Shailey Klein.