Arts Conservatory Program: Nine Years Along, Still Going Strong

By: Mary Madelyn Broom

Oak Hall’s Arts Conservatory Program (ACP) is proudly entering its ninth year of establishment, with Upper School students showcasing their various talents in weekly performances. The ACP, as detailed on the Oak Hall website, “is an advanced track program that allows students to concentrate in theater, music, or visual arts” and is “designed to enhance students’ problem-solving skills, global/cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills through intensive creative study”.

Students must endure an audition and interview process in order to be accepted into the ACP, and once admitted, must fulfill an “Arts Concentration” requirement in addition to the usual core academic requirements held to all Oak Hall students. Once per semester, ACP students are required to prepare performance pieces that demonstrate their talent to the rest of the Oak Hall community. 

Middle and Upper School Music Teacher, Jason Stahl, said that a lot of time and effort is put in to create the recitals. “These works are mostly prepared outside the classroom, and necessitate organization, preplanning and professionalism,” he explained, including that students are graded on their recital. ACP performances occur Thursdays during lunch (11:45) in the Cofrin Art Gallery. “Most ACP recitals last about 15-20 minutes and we welcome all students and faculty to come,” Stahl encouraged.

The recitals are meant to mimic a conservatory approach, where fine arts majors attend regular sessions where students perform and receive feedback. Following each ACP recital, students receive critiques from peers and teachers that are meant to teach them about feedback “in a safe and productive environment before heading out into the real world,” Stahl exclaimed. 

The remaining ACP performances are as follows:


3 – Music – Sofia Guico & Asher Dobrin.

Art – Lucas Walters ‘21

24 – Music – Akhila Nataraj & Amelia German.­

Art – Austin Montini ’21

31 – Music – Sophie Miller & Griffin Williams.


7 – Music – Caleb Currier & Anya AitSahlia.

Art – Caroline Jurecko ‘21

14 – Music – Annabeth Dyrkolbotn & Sydney Miller

Theater – Alex Rossi

21 – Art – Katelyn Kinsell ’21

Theater – Jenn Berthy & Julia Curtis


5 – Art – Ally Means ‘21

Theater – Reece Olinger & Peyton Nembhard

Spring ACP Recital Dates


23 – Music – Michelle Li (Senior Recital)

Art – Henry Palmer ‘21

30 – Music – Anthony Ponzio (Senior Recital)

Theater – Alexa Katz


6 – Music – Lauren Rogers (Senior Recital)

Art – Ella Moser ‘22

13 – Music – Anya AitSahlia & Amelia German

Theater – Megan Whittel

20 – Music – Sophie Miller & Akhila Nataraj

Art – Ria Patel ‘22


5 – Music – Emma Anderson (Senior Recital)

Art – Rosy Bae ‘22

12 – Music – Griffin Williams (Senior Recital)

Theater – Christina Sarantos

19 –Music – Sofia Guico & Asher Dobrin

Art – Justina Chen ‘22


2 – Theater – Bailey Thorp & Tori Kitchens

Art – Arabella Webster ‘23

9 – Music – Sydney Miller & Caleb Currier

16 – Art – ACP Visual Arts Showcase

Photographs by Trinity Grafft