Middle School Bonding, With A Twist

By Sofia Santelices

At the beginning of each school year, Oak Hall’s Middle School faculty and students continue the 20-year tradition of participating in class bonding trips. This year, however, the trip, which is normally an overnight trip for the individual grades, was a combined day trip with the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The Middle School faculty took the students to Heart Springs, where they enjoyed a picnic, swam in the springs, and indulged in several team bonding activities. 

The intent of the school trip is to strengthen the Oak Hall community, and for social development in the early teenage years. “It’s really important, especially in middle school, to create a community, so that students feel like they can get to know each other, rely on each other,” said Julie Black, a Middle School teacher and one of the team leaders of the trip. The preparation of these trips depends on occasions, although this particular trip took some time. The team leaders, Black, Angie Cook, and Josh Pincus, along with Middle School administrators Dr. Diana Murdock and Kelly Warm, helped in devising this trip. 

Black noted that the most entertaining aspect about these trips is “seeing the kids outside of class”, and to see everybody from another perspective, outside the classroom.

Photo provided by Julie Black